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Mosaic provides conflict management and business development services on a consulting and contracting basis. With the recognition that human relations shape business success and vice versa, Mosaic helps clients succeed in both by helping them understand and apply the wealth of evidence-based practices from a range of disciplines. These include mental health care, law, neuroscience, behavioral science, and business management. Services can be tailored to the client’s needs to support people whether it’s a single individual or an entire team, whether legal services (not constituting the practice of law) are needed, or whether there are behavioral challenges or not. No matter what form conflict takes, and no matter how much business issues are entangled, Mosaic has the resources and know-how to make the difference.


Mosaic aims to better small businesses and communities through conflict and risk management services, strengthening relationships to improve the resilience of businesses and communities

Why Us?

Many think that attorneys are their only option -- not only is that not true, there are sometimes reasons specifically not to pursue legal action. At Mosaic, we specifically choose a not-legal approach to dispute resolution because law is geared towards adversarial combat, and combat prevents us from collaborating on our best solutions.

This approach isn't for every case or every client, but when it fits, it works wonders. We respect the autonomy of our client and center their self-determination throughout the process. That is what sets our company apart from others.

If you have questions regarding our company, you should give us a call. We will do everything possible to make sure we are the right fit for your case.

Texas Certified HUB Business

The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts certified Mosaic Conflict and Business Consulting for doing business with registered vendors, including state and local governments.

Texas Mediator’s Credential Association

Alec Chapa has been officially qualified as a candidate for credentialed mediator which demonstrates a higher level of ethical conduct and professionalism for Alec Chapa’s mediation practice. See more 

American Bar Association

Alec Chapa has been registered with the American Bar Association in the Dispute Resolution section since 2021, and remains in good standing. Being a member of the ABA demonstrates a commitment to professionalism and professional development to give clients the best services using industry standards. View Alec Chapa ABA profile.

Society for Human Resource Management

Alec Chapa has been a professional member of SHRM since 2022, and remains in good standing. Membership demonstrates a commitment to maintaining high quality standards when conducting Human Resources (HR) related work, and a commitment to keeping up with industry standards through professional development.

McNair Scholars

Alec Chapa was welcomed into the McNair Scholars Ph.D. Preparatory Program and Honor Society in 2019, which demonstrates an excellence in scholarly research. Participation in the McNair Scholars program led to the publication of original Conflict Resolution research at Johns Hopkins University. See More. 

in negotiations including direct negotiations, as well as advising and coaching cases.
Consulting cases and projects successfully completed
Satisfied clients from small businesses to nonprofits and individual professionals.

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