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Mediating Brain Health & Business Health: Enhancing the Workplace with Dispute System Design

Enhancing the workplace is no longer an endeavor towards maximizing profit and planning the next extravaganza with the proceeds. It’s a matter of organizational survival, and with it, our own. There are many areas I could point to raise related points – environmental disruption and the need to transition the energy sector; mental health and…

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Enhancing Organizations Beyond HR with Dispute Resolution: Tune in February 26th via Zoom

North America consistently houses among the world’s highest count and most successful startups. Among the many places a company can call home, Texas has been a rising star in recent years and it doesn’t appear to be slowing anytime soon with its business-friendly environment. But underneath the success of it all is plenty of grit,…

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Mitigating Risks & Workplace Conflict with Ombuds: Tune in January 29th via Zoom

It’s not what leaders know that keeps them up at night; it’s what they don’t know. – Chuck Howard, Attorney and former IOA Executive Director, A Practical Guide to the Organizational Ombuds The world has shifted beyond unpredictable to totally volatile. Beyond risky to perilous. Beyond conflicted to polarized and entrenched. There’s no shortage of…

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Upcoming Presentation: “Risk Mitigation: Profit From Lawsuit Prevention Using Dispute Resolution”

Mosaic is proud to announce an upcoming series of presentations with University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) Small Business Development Center (SBDC), focused on helping small businesses manage risks and business interests holistically. With Mosaic’s team of skilled and accomplished conflict and business management professionals and UTSA’s platform connecting us to the San Antonio…

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Public Disputes & Consensus Building Digest Vol. 1 Issue 2

On behalf of the Public Disputes & Consensus Building Committee of the Section of Dispute Resolution, it’s my pleasure to present our second issue of the Public Disputes & Consensus Building Digest. Just like the first issue, the second features a variety of topics and media types. For those unfamiliar, this is a quarterly publication…

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Labor Disruptions: How Conflicts Impact Businesses & Why You Should Care

– How have post-pandemic labor disruptions affected you, your career and family? This question brings a lot to mind, I know. Nearly everyone you know has been economically impacted, often negatively, by covid and the impacts that we’re still dealing with in the U.S. and abroad. As folks in the US and abroad continue grappling…

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Brain Health, Wellness, and Democracy

– Are you interested in science, particularly cutting edge neuroscience? How about the way the latest research can directly impact the health and wellbeing of a community through the way it shapes public policy? Then read on about the cutting edge concept of Brain Health. Maybe you’re generally interested in these topics, or are a…

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