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Integrated Conflict & Business Management Solutions

Mosaic uses evidence-based practices from psychology, sociology and other disciplines to enhance relationships and proven tools from business and law to drive resolutions.

Our Services

We provide a variety of workplace conflict resolution and consulting services which include but are not limited to the following;

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Both personal and professional issues benefit from Alternative Dispute Resolution, resulting in a more efficient, less costly, and more satisfying process. So why go the roundabout way—through expensive attorneys, opposing counsel, and the costly courts—when you can save time, money, and energy by going directly through ADR instead?

Behavioral Health

Business and conflict are conjoined through relationships, and relationships are conditioned by the people in those relationships - so it’s no wonder when an individual’s wellness suffers, it creates a rippling effect through their relationships both personally and professionally. Invest in yourself early and see improved outcomes for years to come.

Business Development

While Mosaic works with clients of all sizes, small businesses need the type of smarter solutions that Mosaic offers because they are often most limited in resources. Solutions integrating Behavioral Health and Alternative Dispute Resolution approach business interests collectively, allowing Mosaic to deliver the best value by optimizing cost and effectiveness that’s sure to meet the bottom line.

What Our Clients Say

"I was continuously impressed in the way he taught and shared his knowledge with me. He was always professional, respectful, understanding and patient with me."


Community College Advisor, Youth Support Specialist

"Alec approaches conflict matters from a down-to-earth tone which makes his guidance easier to digest and therefore more practical in application... 5/5 highly recommend."


Activist, Candidate for New Zealand Local Gov. Board

"I wasn't sure how to go about the matter. I thought I'll need to hire a lawyer, so I felt like giving up. [Mosaic] understood where I was coming from, and went above and beyond when I thought there weren't ANY options."


Teacher, Defendant in Unemployment Claims Investigation

Clients & Partners who trust us

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Our Process



We send the proposal for their consideration. Here we can adjust services, price, timing and other details. Then hopefully the proposal is accepted.


Services begin

Once the contract is signed, we communicate with the client as we make progress and keep them informed about how far along the process we are. We seek any input needed and answer any questions they may have.



Once services are done, We review the services and provide feedback on any insights We had. We provide feedback on future services they may benefit from and seek their feedback on our performance. Contract is concluded.

Who We Are

Screen Shot 2024-05-02 at 7.10.17 PM


Alec Chapa

Alec Chapa founded Mosaic with his diverse experience and training with the belief that relationships are one of life's greatest assets and treasures. A published scholar, proven business consultant, and seasoned conflict resolution professional, he works tirelessly for all of Mosaic's clients.

Partner_ Sadie Cort


Sadie Cort

Sadie Cort is an Alternative Dispute Resolution Consultant. Experienced in the practices of Mediation, Conflict Coaching, Training and Facilitation, Sadie facilitates dialogue in which parties feel heard, and guides them in navigating difficult conversations.

Michelle González - Headshot


Michelle González

Michelle González is an instructional designer who focuses on creating meaningful and engaging learning experiences for people, no matter where they are in their development and career journey.

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Mosaic’s Alec Chapa to Present Innovative Concept at St. Paul University Conference

Mosaic, a respected provider in the realm of dispute resolution and collaborative problem-solving, is set to make waves at the upcoming “The Ombuds: Foundations, Best Practices, and Development” conference hosted by St. Paul University in Ottawa, Canada. Alec Chapa, a distinguished mediator and conflict resolution expert, will be taking the stage to present groundbreaking insights…

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Alamo PMI to Host Seminar on Profitable & Resilient Projects Through Dispute Resolution

May 29th, 5:30 pm, Norris Conference Center Mosaic Collaborative Consulting is excited to announce an upcoming seminar titled “Risk Mitigation: Profit From Lawsuit Prevention Using Dispute Resolution,” scheduled for May 29th at 5:30 pm. Held at the esteemed Norris Conference Center, this practical risk mitigation seminar promises to elevate the way project managers approach conflict…

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“I’m so done!” Workplace Conflict Resolution, Live Event

Change provokes conflict, and work is no exception. When the stakes are high, we owe it to ourselves and others to prepare and get it right. Join in for practical tips and interactive discussion!

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Mediating Brain Health & Business Health: Enhancing the Workplace with Dispute System Design

Enhancing the workplace is no longer an endeavor towards maximizing profit and planning the next extravaganza with the proceeds. It’s a matter of organizational survival, and with it, our own. There are many areas I could point to raise related points – environmental disruption and the need to transition the energy sector; mental health and…

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Public Disputes & Consensus Building Digest Vol. 1 Issue 4

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. Mosaic consultants are not attorneys, so we offer neither legal counsel nor representation - but we believe this actually gives us an advantage in many cases. While there will always be a need for attorneys, many people mistakenly believe this is their only option. So, anytime a wrong must be made right (personal injury, divorces, business matters and others), the first thought is an attorney. Yet, many cases settle out of court using Alternative Dispute Resolution to settle outside the courtroom. It’s so common and effective that even experienced attorneys use it regularly (Texas Law Help). 

Lawsuits, and the attorneys that drive them, are more demanding than most think. When a claimant pours large amounts of time, money, and energy into a dispute over months or even years, it can become the center of their lives and degrade their mental health. Even attorneys are beginning to open up about how it’s taking a toll on their mental state (Yale; Business Insider). But, then the case gets settled and it’s all over, right? Think again: even closed cases can be appealed and relitigated, making it feel like an endless struggle. The takeaway? It’s simply not worth it in many cases to go for an all-out offense. Mosaic works smarter not harder to get to root issues using proven ADR tools and research-driven insights from psychology and others, giving you back the freedom to get on with life without sacrificing what matters most.

That’s perfectly fine. You can, if you so choose, opt for an attorney at any point before, during, or after Mosaic’s services. The right to choose an attorney is not compromised by Mosaic’s ADR services - Mosaic’s goal is to create better options so that you don’t need or want to choose an attorney. Mediation, for example, successfully resolves disputes in most cases (see Harvard stats). What’s more is that divorce cases, for example, can be resolved tremendously cheaper through mediation than through attorney-driven litigation (see this mediation infographic). 

The practices of ADR are far from new, and while American interest has been slow moving, many simply don’t realize these practices have been established options for decades. Beginning in the 1960’s, ADR gained popularity among corporations as a means of settling business disagreements out of court to save time, energy, and money. Seeing its success, many judicial systems across the U.S. recognized and formalized its power in the 1990’s, which further spread the practices (see Texas Statutes Section 154). Attorneys are not required to practice ADR but even experienced attorneys do all the time—yet most of the general public remain unaware, still believing they need an attorney for all of their needs.

No. Mosaic’s services are not intended for individuals dealing with deep-seated emotional issues or crisis situations where you are a threat to yourself or others around you. If you need this type of assistance, please seek resources (see SACRD for Mental Health resources, or call 988 for a suicide hotline). While Mosaic’s coaching services are intended to improve mental health outcomes, they do not constitute therapy or counseling. Coaching services are appropriate in the early stages of behavioral health challenges, before specialists like therapists are necessary. In this way, Mosaic aims to prevent critical behavioral health challenges rather than treat existing ones. Studies have shown that health coaching has positive effects on behavioral and mental health clients (see Patient Education and Counseling).

Yes, absolutely. Mosaic uses coaching to improve behavioral health outcomes; therapists and counselors use various therapeutic methods and even coaching, at times. Professionals have shown how two methods overlap and can coexist (see Counseling Today). If our consultants determine that your needs exceed our professional competencies (whether expressed or demonstrated) we will take the appropriate actions to ensure you understand our service limitations and can refer you to qualified help.

You don’t need to choose between Mosaic’s coaching or therapy and counseling. Although it may not be required, some individuals seek both services. Coaching is appropriate for the early stages of behavioral health challenges, and it works by empowering the individual to grow their own capacities rather than using the expertise of a counselor or therapist. By acting early, an individual can prevent the hardships and costs associated with serious behavioral health challenges. Therapy and counseling, on the other hand, is appropriate for crisis situations.

While these may be traditionally separated or even taboo, Mosaic believes that people are the most important asset to any effort, business or otherwise. For these efforts to succeed, the people driving them must be supported - that means supporting their individual wellness, the health of their relationships, and the integrity of the businesses that they spend so much of their time on. Through our holistic approach, we aim to support one in order to support the others. We understand that for a business, the bottom line is critical and that for people, health and wellness is key, so at Mosaic, we choose to invest in both sides of the same coin. 

Mosaic’s consultants are professionally trained and accomplished, holding high-quality designations including: American Bar Association membership, Texas Mediators Credentialing Association, Texas Department of Health & Human Services, Texas HUB Certified, & more. These certifications both enable consultants to practice in their designated area of expertise, as well as demonstrate a high commitment to quality and professionalism.

Reach out to us for a free consultation using our scheduling tool. Mosaic has adapted existing services to create custom solutions for business plenty of times in the past, and we would be happy to do it again!

Life isn’t always straightforward, and we’re happy to help you move forward starting with a free consultation using our scheduling tool. We want you to feel comfortable while you consider your options and be confident in your decision. So when you book a no-obligation consultation, we will work to make sure we understand your needs deeply and hand-craft an offer for you to consider, giving you the time to make the right decision. When you’re ready to make wise investments in your future, we’ll be right here.

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