Who We Are

Mosaic’s Services

Mosaic provides conflict management and business development services on a consulting and contracting basis. With the recognition that human relations shape business success and vice versa, Mosaic helps clients succeed in both by helping them understand and apply the wealth of evidence-based practices from a range of disciplines. These include mental health care, law, neuroscience, behavioral science, and business management. Services can be tailored to the client’s needs to support people whether it’s a single individual or an entire team, whether legal services (not constituting the practice of law) are needed, or whether there are behavioral challenges or not. No matter what form conflict takes, and no matter how much business issues are entangled, Mosaic has the resources and know-how to make the difference.

Who We Are


Alec Chapa founded Mosaic with his diverse experience and training with the belief that relationships are one of life's greatest assets and treasures. A published scholar, proven business consultant, and seasoned conflict resolution professional, he works tirelessly for all of Mosaic's clients.


Sadie Cort is an Alternative Dispute Resolution Consultant. Experienced in the practices of Mediation, Conflict Coaching, Training and Facilitation, Sadie facilitates dialogue in which parties feel heard, and guides them in navigating difficult conversations.


Michelle González

Michelle González is an instructional designer who focuses on creating meaningful and engaging learning experiences for people, no matter where they are in their development and career journey.


Megan is a professional mediator and educator. She has supported countless children and families through the myriad decisions around schooling, custody, and other family matters.

Operations & Marketing Assistant

Ashley Shambaugh is engaged and active in her community locally and nationally through tireless advocacy efforts. With a focus on invisible disabilities, her compassion for those suffering is profound; she understands the stigmas that those facing these hurdles may face, and she knows this all too well through her first-hand experience with an invisible disability.


Helping others find solutions through mediation, facilitation, coaching, and training. Leader in dispute resolution, planning, and stakeholder engagement in cross-cultural and multi-party settings. Experienced in resolving complex, multi-party, difficult disputes in high profile, high conflict areas with major financial implications through collaborative conversations. Offering alternative dispute resolution services for two party and multi-party disputes and stakeholder facilitation services.