Alec Chapa

Founder/Chief Consultant



Combining elements of philosophy and world religions, Alec works tirelessly to help individuals and businesses turn conflicts into opportunities for growth and professional development. By centering personal autonomy, creativity, and inward reflection, his process empowers those he works with to address their needs and create sustainable, resilient relationships and communities.

Alec believes relationships are life’s most sacred investments; assisting their growth and transformation is Alec’s life work.


Professional Experience

As a conflict resolution professional and coach, Alec works with individuals and organizations across multiple industries, helping them to navigate the emotional, spiritual, and strategic dimensions of conflict. Through research, interviews, and coaching, he has facilitated successful collaboration and resolution for CEOs, veterans, medical researchers, nonprofits and academic organizations. Alec has worked extensively with organizational groups, providing in-depth conflict analysis, developing structural frameworks, and establishing collaboration and community buy-in for key projects and solutions. A graduate of Portland State University’s Conflict Resolution department and a McNair scholar, Alec’s conflict resolution research has appeared in several publications including Johns Hopkins’ Macksey Journal.

Focuses & Specializations

Workplace Conflict

Conflict Between Small Businesses

Academic Organizations

Veterans Affairs

Value & Identity-Based Conflicts

Emerging Leaders


American Bar Association

Dispute Resolution Fellow

San Antonio Human Resource Management Association

Professional Member

Society for Human Resource Management

Professional Member

Texas Mediators Credentialing Association (TMCA)

Professional Member

Pollack Peacebuilding Systems

Associate Consultant

Project Management Institute

Professional Member

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Published Scholar