Ashley Shambaugh

Operations & Marketing Assistant

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Ashley Shambaugh is engaged and active in her community locally and nationally through tireless advocacy efforts. With a focus on invisible disabilities, her compassion for those suffering is profound; she understands the stigmas that those facing these hurdles may face, and she knows this all too well through her first-hand experience with an invisible disability. She uses her conflict resolution degree to magnify her personal transformation skills and inner work. She tends to focus her professional side on aiding this integration for the working professional to consciously learn to use it in their professional and personal lives. Dealing with conflict is something we all face, and she has found that those who look inward are better equipped to learn from and resolve their work/life conflicts more efficiently. For Ashley, seeing this genuine transformation, growth, and insightfulness in others who integrate this into their lives fuels her.

Professional Experience

My experience ranges from administrative support and event planning to working within academic institutions. I have worked for nonprofits with a focus on food insecurity. I served as a volunteer coordinator and interim manager within these institutions. I co-created the Conflict Resolution Resource Center (CRRC) at Portland State University (PSU). During my time at PSU, I helped bring social justice speakers and conflict coaches with my student group, Students United for Nonviolence (SUN), working with people like Erica Chenoweth. My recent experience has been doing advocacy work, creating much-needed change for invisible disabilities, especially those stemming from TBD (tick-borne diseases). Working with the Center for Lyme Action, my advocacy efforts have supported efforts to raise millions of dollars for federal funding of Lyme disease research, diagnostics, and prevention programs. While doing this, I have had the opportunity to meet with and speak with congressional staff members across the United States.

Focuses & Specializations




Effective communication

Teamwork/Team leadership


Master of Science, Conflict Resolution (Portland State University)

Bachelor of Science, Social Science (Portland State University Graduated with Honors: Cum Laude)

Advanced Negotiation and Mediation training

AVP (Alternatives to Violence) training

Interests & Traits

I am hopeful, bold, compassionate, strong, kind, intuitive, passionate, driven, resilient, self-motivated, honest, open, hopeful, and brave.

A mother, invisible illness/disability advocate, dog mom. 

I love sunsets, trees, camping, swimming, and spending time with family

I plan to write a book or two and start a podcast someday.


Communications Coordinator/Facilitator

Portland State University – Conflict Resolution Resource Center (CRRC)

Event Planner & Student Leader

Portland State University –Students United for Non-violence (SUN)


Oregon Museum of Science & Industry (OMSI)


Portland Youth Builders

Lyme Advocate

Center for Lyme Action