Megan Villafuerte




Honing in on the unique story behind each client’s needs is the cornerstone of Megan’s approach to mediation. Every business owner, employee, student, parent, and community member have their own set of needs and interests, concerns and goals, and values. Through years of work in both the public and private sector, in education and throughout her own training and coursework Megan has developed a unique ability to truly hear a client’s voice and to use this information transparently to keep processes moving forward in a compassionate and effective manner. Raised with a tireless and altruistic work ethic, Megan’s career has always been geared around identifying and supporting the best interests of those she serves; she genuinely cares about facilitating the best overall outcomes for clients based on who they are and what they are working to achieve. Megan is fueled by her belief in mediation as the best process to honor and restore a client’s wholeness, to educate and equip all participants with lifelong conflict resolution skills that transcend their current situation, and to allow all participants to be heard, included, and respected.

Professional Experience

Megan is a professional mediator and educator. She has supported countless children and families through the myriad decisions around schooling, custody, and other family matters. Trained in foreclosure and eviction meditations as well, she has built on her early years in small-claims mediations to expand her professional portfolio to these and other community mediation needs. Megan is a graduate of Vermont Law School and a former intern with the Citizen Advocacy Center in Elmhurst, Illinois where she conducted extensive research on the state’s electoral process and other issues of local political concern. She has published articles on parenting and takes great pride in her home and family.

Focuses & Specializations

Small-claims court matters

Child custody, removal, visitation, and parenting matters

Eviction and foreclosure

School district, special education, and other school and family matters

Estate and other family-based situations beyond parenting and children

Family and juvenile reunification and restoration conversations

Community restoration and peacebuilding

Trauma-informed mediation and restorative justice practitioner


Juris Doctorate – ADR and Mediation fieldwork -  Vermont Law School

Bachelor’s of Arts – History, Written Communication and American Literature Blackburn College, Carlinville, Illinois

Minority Student Network – Workshop Participant


American Bar Association

Professional Member

Mediation Council of Illinois

Trainee, Professional Member

Illinois State Bar Association

Professional Member

Chicago Center for Conflict Resolution

Mediator Mentorship Program Mentee

Northwest Center Against Sexual Assault

Hotline and Emergency Room Support Volunteer Advocate

South Royalton Legal Clinic

Volunteer and Student Clinician/Attorney

Muller Humanities Fellowship

Fellow – 1999

Citizen Advocacy Center