American Bar Association Features Mosaic

In an effort to expand the field of dispute resolution and enhance the selection of professional neutrals, the American Bar Association has compiled a list of diverse practitioners and firms (2023 Diversity in Dispute Resolution Directory). This directory, featuring about 100 organizations and professionals in law and dispute resolution, is available to bar members and the general public. It represents a treasure trove of accomplished legal service providers with a range of backgrounds and experiences.

No matter what dimensions or demographics may be relevant to a conflict — race, gender, disability, and others — folks struggling to handle conflict can look to the directory as a resource, helping them to identify a qualified professional neutral who they deem appropriate to facilitate resolution. Studies show that the more parties are able to have a hand in the process of justice (aka procedural justice), the more likely they are to be especially satisfied with the outcome. This goes beyond the law, into the psychology of conflict and of disputing parties.

Self determination has always been a key principle of dispute resolution, and thanks to this directory, this is one added layer that gives service users even more choice in making decisions for themselves. As time goes on, users can expect to continue see more choice in both how they handle disputes, as well as who handles them.

Mosaic is honored to be a featured dispute resolution firm! If you are facing conflict at work, at home, or in your community, reach out to book a time today!

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