Mosaic’s Alec Chapa to Present Innovative Concept at St. Paul University Conference

Mosaic, a respected provider in the realm of dispute resolution and collaborative problem-solving, is set to make waves at the upcoming “The Ombuds: Foundations, Best Practices, and Development” conference hosted by St. Paul University in Ottawa, Canada.

Alec Chapa, a distinguished mediator and conflict resolution expert, will be taking the stage to present groundbreaking insights on the potential role of Organizational Ombuds in family estrangement cases — an unexpected application, but one that parallels recent trends towards holistic thinking and care of employees.

Feeling cared for sows the seeds for employee buy-in. “When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute,” says the famous leadership speaker Simon Sinek. Chapa pulls inspiration close to home, citing local CPS Energy’s wellness program as a leading example.

When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute

Simon Sinek, renowned leadership expert

Scheduled for May 6th to 7th, 2024, this hybrid event will gather notable speakers and attendees from across the globe, including Dr. Lisa PytlikZillig from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Public Policy Center and Kristin Blankley, president of the Global Collaborative Law Council.

For Chapa, this marks his first international conference presentation in Canada, a country renowned for its excellence in Ombuds matters. As the principal of Mosaic, an innovator in the dispute resolution space, Chapa aims to showcase novel and compelling ideas about new applications for Ombuds that warrant a prestigious platform.

“At Mosaic, we believe that oftentimes the difference between a collaboration and a dispute is the timing,” Chapa remarks. This mantra underscores the significance of early intervention and proactive conflict resolution strategies, a concept reinforced by recent advancements in the field. The American Bar Association’s Resolution 500 and the U.S. Department of Education’s updated Title IX laws explicitly recognize the value of Organizational Ombuds in resolving disputes early and effectively.

…we believe that oftentimes the difference between a collaboration and a dispute is the timing

Alec Chapa, on Mosaic’s vision

Chapa’s extensive background in conflict resolution, coupled with his commitment to collaborative problem-solving, positions him as a credible voice in the industry. A published McNair scholar with a Bachelor of Science in Conflict Resolution and certifications in Human Resources and Project Management, Chapa has empowered employers, business owners, and nonprofits to navigate complex issues before they become expensive legal battles.

“As an advocate for transforming win-lose dynamics into win-win scenarios, I believe in enabling people and organizations to win together, rather than at one another’s expense,” Chapa states. His dedication to promoting resilience and collaboration aligns seamlessly with the overarching theme of the conference—to explore the foundations, best practices, and development of Ombuds services worldwide.

As the conference approaches, anticipation mounts for Chapa’s presentation, promising valuable insights and laying the groundwork for future investigation into this promising concept.

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