“I’m so done!” Workplace Conflict Resolution, Live Event

Spring is off to a strong start – San Antonio’s first day in the 90’s was in the first week of March! And, right around the corner, Alec Chapa will represent Mosaic in the first presentation of quarter two, speaking in Reloveution‘s Power Hour Series bringing leaders, middle managers, and others practical tools and techniques for managing conflict at work. Having spoken to many groups like Century 21 The Hills Realty, UTSA, and others about workplace dynamics and conflict management, this will be a special opportunity for intimate conversation with Alec. On April 16th, the talk will move a bit swiftly through foundational tools before opening up the floor for an extended interactive session to workshop workplace challenges in real time.

Change, Disruption, and Conflict

It seems that in the modern workplace, there’s no shortage of disruption, volatility and — you guessed it — conflict created by the two. That’s why in this “Conflict Resolution 101” talk, Alec will touch on some of the most common workplace issues that create opposition among those we count on to cooperate, as well as the factors that signal issues may be around the corner. Some of these challenges were addressed in a previous talk given at the World Mediators Conference last summer in the talk “Labor Disruption: Workplace Disputes in Organizational and Community Stability. Those who attended this talk and who plan to attend the April presentation will see how the big picture ties to real-world examples and practical tools, giving empowering participants to navigate change and the conflicts it so often brings.

Alec will unveil an original framework for tackling some of the most challenging workplace conflicts

Exclusive Content

Although the event will feature folks across sectors and industries, one prominent audience is the nonprofit world, where resources often run thin. With a firm respect for impact work and the belief that leading strategies and techniques shouldn’t be afforded to exclusively high-paying clients, Alec will unveil an original framework for tackling some of the most challenging workplace conflicts, such as those centered around workload, work-life balance, and compensation.

Don’t miss this engaging event! Tune in to get exclusive access to…

  • ⭐ Crash course on managing conflict using evidence-based practices
  • ⭐ Six conflict markers to spot and prepare for issues
  • ⭐ Unique, proven framework for creating lasting employee-manager agreement
  • ⭐ Invaluable time with conflict resolution consultant Alec Chapa to workshop any matter
  • ⭐ One-time promotional service offers only for attendees.


So what are you waiting for? Everyone reading this has been in a dispute, and probably wished they would have shown up better. In these often make-or-break situations, it could mean the difference between losing an employee or job, and overcoming the challenge, coming out stronger on the other side.

Now is your chance to show up and step up your conflict management game!

April 16th, 2024 | 11 am – 12 pm CST

See registration info here.

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