Keynote Presentation: Managing Conflict in Real Estate Cases

What a fantastic day! And how thankful I am to all the folks that helped to prepare for this great event put on by Century 21, The Hills Realty.

While it may seem obvious, many buyers and sellers don’t stop to consider head-on that buying a house will likely be the biggest purchase of their lives! Anyone who has undergone the experience will know: the stressors are in no short supply.

Stress doesn’t always bring out the better, more polished parts of ourselves. So, I was honored to speak about the tougher moments that occur when things don’t go “according to plan.”

Just when all hope feels lost, there is (almost) always an avenue to improve an escalated situation or strained relationship through. Whether there’s a heated blame-game where the buyers point to the sellers who point to the title or escrow company, or an attorney has already sent a demand letter out, the power of relationships to recover what feels lost is beyond measure.

Mediators, have you ever facilitated any conversations in the real estate industry? What unique challenges did it pose?

Realtors, have you ever had a difficult or downright awful experience when trying to deliver a demanding service? What did you learn?

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