December Conference: American Bar’s Mediation Institute

Looking forward to the American Bar Association’s upcoming conference, thanks to the Mediation Institute’s help, focusing on advanced Mediation and Advocacy Skills!

There are so many exciting feats ahead, including the world-famous Ken Cloke and the rising star Ana Sambold! Here’s a glimpse into what’s in store for those considering attending:

  • Impasse Management (Part 1): interventions to manage emotions and negativity
  • Impasse Management (Part 2): analytical tools including decision trees and bracketing
  • ODR & Technology –digital advancements
  • Ethics Across the Continuum – advancements in mixed-modes ADR and the interplay of ethics
  • International Symposium – developments in global commerce and international relations  
  • Marketing & Branding Your Skillsets for Results!

Learn more here:

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