Mosaic Expands To Include HR Consulting

After performing across-the-board human resources functions for a variety of organizations, principal consultant Alec Chapa spent 6 months reviewing HR best practices, as established by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), before passing the certification exam on the first attempt in January, 2023.

“So much of the knowledge and best practices were intuitive to me,” said Alec. “I think that’s a direct result from my experience performing these functions, yes, but also from consulting for over 3 years. Consulting engagements are often much shorter, allowing me to work in more types of organizations than someone typically would with my experience. That variety of experience was immensely helpful, both in seeing practical and wise practices, and other times the lack thereof. The end result is that I can cross-pollinate organizations by taking the best practices of one into another, and learning from the challenges from every client I consult for.”

When asked how the certification will help Mosaic, Alec responded by saying it will have three major impacts:
(1) raise professional competence Mosaic offers and the confidence clients have
(2) help those less familiar with dispute resolution understand that it can interact with the much more familiar world of HR, whether as a consultant working within the structure or as one modifying or complementing it
(3) expand services throughout and beyond HR, offering solutions to existing conflicts, as well as designing HR-friendly systems of dispute resolution for preventing and effectively managing future conflicts.

Alec HR professional certification is valid through the end of 2026, and plans to renew the certification to maintain its status going forward.

To view the official certification, click here.

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