The Peace Dividend: Mosaic Secures Capital Investment

Gratitude. Hope. Faith. Trust. Confidence.

These were some of the many sentiments vibrating throughout the room as the investing agreement was signed. Peaceful profits – woohoo!! Of all people, I couldn’t be happier that my own grandfather is Mosaic’s first investor! This is one example of how we are stronger when we work together, as one. One example of inter-generational wealth. With an average ROI of 30% from the first three years of operation, the financial outlook is robust and inspiring. Plans include using the working capital to scale up marketing efforts, streamline processes with better and faster digital tools, and expand operations to increase service volume.

Beyond the mechanics, the spirit stands as a mountainous declaration: no longer will the shadow of the past hold the future hostage. The shadow of military drafts and war. The shadow of missed opportunities. The shadow of dimly apprehended generational cycles and the needed support systems for counteraction.

See, the Vietnam war has been a burden on my family for three generations now. The then-active draft brought my grandfather in for enlistment and eventually to the front lines. Though it’s no longer surprising in the context of modern research and knowledge on PTSD, the war deeply impacted him and affected my grandmother, my mom, and my uncles. Through the dark times my family has faced, we stuck together. One seed of hope my mom planted for herself and her children was education. Through education, she was able to lead herself to a better life, which she has used to better the lives of future generations as a teacher. Education has also brought me to a better life, through my dedication to studying a common pathogen of communities and relationships: conflict. “When we know better, we can do better,” my mom always says.

If we do not face the shadows of the past, they can easily haunt and cripple the future. Today, my grandfather and I joined together to plan and invest in a new way, beyond war and the domestic aftermath. A way beyond measures based on the brute force of purely power-based solutions. A way beyond the overly costly and cumbersome courts and their rights-based solutions. A way that draws on research and intelligence to focus on interest-based solutions. This better way can benefit all sides of a conflict, because “it takes both sides to build a bridge” – Fredrik Nael.

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  1. Viola Diaz Chapa on 12/29/2022 at 9:11 pm

    Beautiful said and so thoughtfully explained to show how powerful an impact this truly is!

    It brought me to tears a couple of times, not just as your proud mother, but as one of your first “teachers” who helped shape your education!

    Thank you for all your hard work, dedication and efforts to help others with your skills and knowledge! ❤️

    • Viola Diaz Chapa on 12/29/2022 at 10:57 pm


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