Labor Disruptions: How Conflicts Impact Businesses & Why You Should Care

How have post-pandemic labor disruptions affected you, your career and family? This question brings a lot to mind, I know. Nearly everyone you know has been economically impacted, often negatively, by covid and the impacts that we’re still dealing with in the U.S. and abroad.

As folks in the US and abroad continue grappling with the economic effects of covid, we continue to see…
📈 the federal reserve battling inflation
💰 wages rise, while real wages often shrink
👥 tight labor markets and talent battles
❌ quiet quitting and unconventional ideas of work ethic
… and so much more

This is exactly what I discussed in my presentation, “Labor Disruption: Workplace Conflict in Organizational and Global Stability” at the World Mediators Conference, hosted on Wednesday, June 28 from 9 – 10:30 am CST, by Mediator Vikram

View the presentation here.

We’re thankful for those that brought their questions, insights, and experiences for a thoughtful discussion on the challenges of workplace disputes, as well as how dispute resolution mechanisms can address them, and why we can’t afford to wait!

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