Public Disputes & Consensus Building Digest Vol. 1 Issue 2

On behalf of the Public Disputes & Consensus Building Committee of the Section of Dispute Resolution, it’s my pleasure to present our second issue of the Public Disputes & Consensus Building Digest. Just like the first issue, the second features a variety of topics and media types.

For those unfamiliar, this is a quarterly publication that brings you multimedia content on the matters of interest to the committee and its membership! The committee and I have worked together on this to offer a wide overview of recent content (including short documentaries, articles, research, podcasts, and more) that will help you stay in the know without the hard work of searching far and wide. Great content, all in one place, all related to the committee’s focus on Public Disputes and Consensus Building.

This issue features a recent publication on Brain Health by our recently featured speaker, Dr. Sebastian Winter. In the July 14th committee event, Dr. Winter presented his research findings as a cohesive framework for integrating other sciences which can then be correlated with thriving democracies.

If you’re curious about the concept of brain health, here are a few of the plentiful topics discussed:

  • Democracy and it’s relationship to public health
  • Autocracies vs democracies, and how each manage public health issues
  • Public health as a determinant of democracy
  • Unpacking the concept of brain health (and brain health vs mental health)
  • The “ROI” of investing in brain health
  • The cost in inaction and insufficient action
  • Emerging approaches to evidence-based policymaking
  • Practical applications, challengines, limitations, and opportunities.

In addition to this publication, there are many more thought-provoking pieces (including video and audio content) – so dig in!

Please feel free to distribute widely, either by sharing a direct link to this website, or by downloading and circulating as you see fit.

We welcome your suggestions for future content! See the final page of the Digest for a hyperlink to the suggestions form, or click Follow this link.

Happy reading!

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