Upcoming Presentation: “Risk Mitigation: Profit From Lawsuit Prevention Using Dispute Resolution”

Mosaic is proud to announce an upcoming series of presentations with University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) Small Business Development Center (SBDC), focused on helping small businesses manage risks and business interests holistically. With Mosaic’s team of skilled and accomplished conflict and business management professionals and UTSA’s platform connecting us to the San Antonio business community, we look forward to providing value to the local economy! Titled “Risk Mitigation: Profit from Lawsuit Prevention Using Dispute Resolution,” this presentation is focused on a tried and true strategy shown to work for some of the biggest corporations, still highly relevant for small businesses and startups.

About Presentation:
In today’s volatile world, change is around every corner and change is a regular instigator of conflict. Change requires rework. Changes are handled differently among different people. Change often cannot be well anticipated, posing uncertainty and risk. But, that doesn’t mean you have no options for managing change and the risks it entails. Enter Mosaic: we help organizations manage risks and business interests holistically, enhancing the resilience of business operations and the relationships that drive them. In this presentation, principal consultant Alec Chapa, SHRM-CP, PMP will present strategies and techniques to prevent unnecessary disputes before they arise, and manage them when they inevitably do. Build your business to last with these leading insights, so you can worry less and focus on helping your customers more.

How to Register:
Follow this link, then continue to the first link titled “Free Webinar Nov. 6 – Profit From Lawsuit Prevention with Dispute Resolution.” From there, you will be able to register for the webinar.

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