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Public Disputes & Consensus Building Digest, Vol. 2, Issue 1

It’s with great pride and joy that I present the latest issue of the Public Disputes & Consensus Building Committee Digest, a publication supported by the American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution. This issue marks the second volume, having wrapped up the first volume in 2023. Our readers consist of scholars, practitioners, attorneys, mediators,…

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Public Disputes & Consensus Building Digest Vol. 1 Issue 2

On behalf of the Public Disputes & Consensus Building Committee of the Section of Dispute Resolution, it’s my pleasure to present our second issue of the Public Disputes & Consensus Building Digest. Just like the first issue, the second features a variety of topics and media types. For those unfamiliar, this is a quarterly publication…

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Labor Disruptions: How Conflicts Impact Businesses & Why You Should Care

– How have post-pandemic labor disruptions affected you, your career and family? This question brings a lot to mind, I know. Nearly everyone you know has been economically impacted, often negatively, by covid and the impacts that we’re still dealing with in the U.S. and abroad. As folks in the US and abroad continue grappling…

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Brain Health, Wellness, and Democracy

– Are you interested in science, particularly cutting edge neuroscience? How about the way the latest research can directly impact the health and wellbeing of a community through the way it shapes public policy? Then read on about the cutting edge concept of Brain Health. Maybe you’re generally interested in these topics, or are a…

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American Bar Association Features Mosaic

In an effort to expand the field of dispute resolution and enhance the selection of professional neutrals, the American Bar Association has compiled a list of diverse practitioners and firms (2023 Diversity in Dispute Resolution Directory). This directory, featuring about 100 organizations and professionals in law and dispute resolution, is available to bar members and…

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Be Social! Follow Mosaic for Conflict Management Content

Unlock a world of insights and opportunities by following Mosaic on social media! Stay ahead of the curve with our latest content, meticulously curated to bring you the most current developments in conflict management and business growth strategies. Our social media platforms serve as your gateway to a wealth of knowledge, offering you thought-provoking articles,…

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Mosaic Expands To Include HR Consulting

After performing across-the-board human resources functions for a variety of organizations, principal consultant Alec Chapa spent 6 months reviewing HR best practices, as established by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), before passing the certification exam on the first attempt in January, 2023. “So much of the knowledge and best practices were intuitive to…

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American Bar Association, Dispute Resolution Fellowship to Begin Jan 3, 2023

As 2022 comes to a close and attention turns towards the year to come, one exciting announcement comes just in time – Mosaic’s principal consultant Alec Chapa has been selected for the American Bar Association’s Dispute Resolution Fellowship! Fellows are granted the opportunity, network, and tools with which to support the section’s work of expanding…

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The Peace Dividend: Mosaic Secures Capital Investment

Gratitude. Hope. Faith. Trust. Confidence. These were some of the many sentiments vibrating throughout the room as the investing agreement was signed. Peaceful profits – woohoo!! Of all people, I couldn’t be happier that my own grandfather is Mosaic’s first investor! This is one example of how we are stronger when we work together, as…

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